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Enjoy my junk :XD:

Thanks for both comments and favorites!

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Okay, gettin' productive today. Seriously, if I don't mentally kick myself into doing stuff, nothing will XD
Well, I'll try to have another collab posted this week.

I've been in a "Blah, don't feel like doing anything" mood. :-/
I need to watch this "Miraculous Ladybug" show sometime.

I see it everywhere. xD And the two main characters are cute~
So...heard that Crash is actually gonna come back on the PS4...Well, I hope they don't screw it up, is all. (Not that I think CoT and MoM was extremely awful, just some of the character designs and personalities I didn't like as much; I thought some other things were actually good, in my opinion anyway) It's funny how I don't sound too excited, but I guess that's because I haven't had such high hopes for it lately. xD With all the teasing and "false hope" and whatnot.
Finally done with the Pet Aid & Care course! Will be getting my official certificate in the mail soon~ :D

And this week hopefully, I'll start with the Pet Grooming course asap. :nod:
  • Listening to: Ratchet and Clank XD
  • Watching: Ratchet and Clank! ;)
  • Eating: Popcorn
  • Drinking: Coke
Just got back from watching Ratchet and Clank a few hours ago!!

And I....LOVED IT!!! Well, DUH-UUUHH! :XD:

Okay, first of all, those GRAPHICS. *-* Are gorgeous. Everyone was so beautifully detailed, wow~ :heart: Yo, what programs do they use to make these movies??? xD

Ratchet, what an extra adorable little fuzzball he was in this :aww: :heart: :squee: I wish it was possible to hug him~ Sooo cute the way he looks up to Qwark in this movie and the way he and Clank meet was cute too.

I also liked how the movie was really like the video game series itself, the way they presented the planets to you, for example. Humor was still there, just toned down a bit, I suppose. xD

Loved Elaris, one of the galactic rangers. She's pretty and interesting, I like her design a lot. The way they designed her face/head is cool~ Gave me an aquatic vibe, and I'm crazy with anything that has to do with the ocean, so, I thought that was neat. xD :D Will draw her sometime~ :) And the other rangers were cool too.

I wasn't too keen on how organic Nefarious' design was, but I warmed up to it. Drek's new design isn't so bad. At least it still looks like him, and his personality was pretty in line with the original, to me. Just the eyes were different.

My only nitpicks with the movie was Dallas and Juanita. They're my top favorite R&C characters. (And Gleeman Vox, but he wasn't in it for...obvious reasons xD) Dallas with no hair, I couldn't get over that. I guess he really does wear a wig when he gets his job at Dreadzone...It was just weird seeing him without hair...And to think it's actually a wig! xD Juanita with actual eyes and pupils, she didn't look as bad as I thought. She did look cute. Still prefer her with her glowing eyes instead, though. Also seeing Juanita not being a psycho was funny. Sooo calm... xD But I HATE that they changed her voice in the movie!! :-/ Was Nika Futterman not available? (And would someone explain to me why she is being named Darla Gratch in other sources, like on the R&C Wiki and possibly in the new game??? What the :|...Darla Gratch is a totally different character!! o__O) I understand if that were the case...Regardless, I'm happy they got a spot in the movie. I just have those little nitpicks.

And the final scene was awesome!! But I won't spoil anything~ ;)

My dad, who doesn't know anything about the game, loved the movie too~ He told me his favorite was Clank, heh. :) Oh, and I overheard a little girl say her favorite character was Dr. Nefarious, lol! :XD: Interesting~

I hope they make a Ratchet and Clank 2 because...why not? I was a little nervous because of some negative talk about it, but I personally loved it. Movie critics almost always seem to hate on animated movies for some reason. So I don't listen to them often. So yeah...Please PLEASE make an R&C2, Insomniac~ :la: And a 3, 4, 5, and 6 would be nice too. ;P :giggle: Definitely buyin' the DVD when it comes out~

I also want to see the Sly Cooper movie, even though I have not yet played those games. It looks good too~ Oooh, a Legend of Zelda movie would be AWESOME!! Never played those games either, but I'd SO watch the movie, if there ever is one! So happy they're making video game movies now. Wreck-It Ralph started it all, surely! :D Oh, and speaking if there's a possible WIR2...Please add Ratchet and Sora from KH into it!! :la:


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I'll bend, but I'll never break~
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Artist|Gamer|Dreamer|Believer|Aspiring (Practical) Minimalist

Hablo Espanol PR stamp by SheilaBrinson Spanglish Stamp by Sharlotta22 Spanish lang3 by Faeth-design USA Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design

~Give a llama, get a llama~ (Possibly :P)

I DON'T do watch for watch, sorry. So please...kindly don't ask. ^^; And I appreciate watches, but don't watch me just for requests or to get pageviews or a watchback, please. And warning, I DO fave-bomb. It's how I show da love if I like your work a lot ;P And I don't mind if you thank me for faves, I actually appreciate you comin' by to thank me for it. :)

Hi, name's Ashley. Girly girl in her mid 20s~ :) Also a little eccentric; lives in her own head with whimsical fantasies. :P Reality isn't my kind of world~

So, what's there to say? Just a beautiful loser who loves to draw a lot of things. A little too much. Art is my lifeline. :heart: :heart: :heart: Without it, man...It's kind of a scary thought for me if I didn't have it close, close to my heart. (Corny but true.)

I draw mostly fan art, but who says fan art can't be creative, huh? I also do original works sometimes. Have plans to do a lot more of it. I like and appreciate different mediums of art, and I do like variety in artworks when it comes to subject. I feel it is a way to grow as an artist. I am also a believer in expressing yourself freely with art when you can't with words.

Oh, and I'm going towards being a Minimalist, but not the extreme or "hipster" versions you see a lot, though. Not my style. I've downsized on a couple of my possessions and will continue to do so until it feels like enough. It's always good idea to downsize on material stuff and just keep what is truly necessary and things you actually use on a day-to-day basis. I hope I can get to a smaller, more manageable amount of things someday, and stick with it~ :) And reduce stress from my life, not just with material things, as this works for other areas too~

So! Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit. I hope you enjoy my artworks too. :)

And don't be afraid to talk to me. I'm a pretty friendly person if you are too. I only get sassy and sarcastic when people try to test me with nonsense I care less about. I only have so much patience with people sometimes, lol. XD Sooo yeah, if you need help or advice with something, I'll be happy to do so and try my best~ :)

Laters~ ^.^


I'm a JW by PumpkinToast (Unbaptized Publisher)

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God does have a name, it's Jehovah~ Pslam 83:18/Salmos 83:18


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